Flowers, trees, blossoms, birdsongs, milder weather and warm air, define the merry month of May! Even non-birdwatchers will notice that the bird songs reach its peak. May for most people is the most beautiful month of the year. With sun, warmth and plenty of sunshine, the months are finally fun again. May is the time of flowers, growth, and rain.

May opens a long-locked gate in our hearts. Behind it, the world is bright and light, full of colors, blossoms, and serenity. May makes everything colorful, including everyday life. It awakens us from hibernation, which seems to last forever. It lets us breathe a sigh of relief again, finally turning cold into warmth and gray into such a soft green.

May is the primary flowering season for many plants as they all unfold their full beauty. May is the month of bright tones that cheer up our soul. Yellow gives us strength and energy, red boosts our metabolism, orange makes us more sensual, green we associate with growth and a new beginning. And isn’t every new beginning also a chance? To new attempts and new successes. May provides us with the energy for this at the same time.