In June, there are several turning points of the year. June is halfway through the year. The summer solstice also falls in June. It is the longest day in the northern hemisphere. In some cultures, they regarded this day as the beginning of a new year.

In the early morning, it is hard to miss; the bird songs become quieter, their singing thinner. Birds whose singing activity is mainly controlled by the length of the day also feel this. The nightingales finish its chant just like many grass warblers, deciduous warblers or finch-birds. Not all at the same time, but the morning becomes quieter.

The sun rises early and sets late. In June, the days are longest. Perfect for those who rarely get there with the length of a typical day. Even if you have as much time, as usual, you get less stress in June. The evenings offer so much time, and also in the morning, you can get out of bed earlier. With the equinox on 21st June, the year turns and the days become shorter again.