All these beautiful pictures you find on Instagram and in any magazine about Bullet Journals can be very depressing, especially as a beginner. The images are beautiful to look at, but maybe you wonder if you can do that too?

Fortunately, there are more and more people who keep their Bullet Journal minimalistic – I think that’s great! These people focus on the essentials.

You can get some stuff like stickers, Washi-tapes etc. for your Bullet Journal now and then. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Bullet journal decoration

Sticky notes

Stickers are popular. Besides the colorful post-it’s, you can use classic stickers.

In my Bullet Journal, I do not write appointments or dates directly but stick separate notes in the journal. That is where my colorful Sticky Notes come in.

Besides, sticky notes are well suited if you would like to reuse some pages, and sometimes you do not want to write things in your journal pages.

I also find the arrow-shaped stickers practical. I use these if the bookmarks already present in the journal are not sufficient, and I want to mark further pages. I also use them for important events or tasks from time to time.

Sticky notes for Bujo


Sure, you can draw boxes, hearts, and the like freely by hand. However, it gets more comfortable with stencils.

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Floral spread with stencil
Wreath Circle Stencil

Page markers

Bookmarks are handy for quickly recalling individual pages. Sticky bookmarks help you to quickly find essential pages – for example with addresses or birthdays.

Planner dividers and page markers

Washi Tapes

Another way to beautify your Bullet Journal is the so-called Washi Tape. Initially, they were tapes made of thin rice paper from Japan. The great thing about these tapes is that they are relatively robust and yet easy to remove. For example, I have been using them for years to stick photos on the walls, which I can then remove again after some time leaving no residue.

Now, these tapes are available in all shapes and colors. These are usually no longer the classic Washi Tapes, but the name has remained.

In my bullet journals, I mainly use them to cover significant errors. This looks a lot nicer with the colorful tapes, and I am not annoyed about it 🙂

Another application for me is the accentuation of headlines or special events. However, there are no limits to your creativity!

These decorative tapes can give your BuJo calendar a personal touch.

Sproutie washi tapes


Stamps and pads should not be missing from your collection either.

Beautiful collection of BuJo stamps

Journaling Cards

These little cards with pictures or sayings are available from different manufacturers. They are special eye-catchers in your Bullet Journal.

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Journaling cards from scraps

Nevertheless, you can also make everything yourself. There are no limits for your creativity.

My favorite miscellaneous bullet journal accessories

Reading list for sincere bullet journalers

Creativity and doodling

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