The summer months are my favorite because I get to travel, I get to explore my surroundings, I get to enjoy being outside.

June is the first month of Summer and there is nothing better than enjoying the sunshine! In my Bullet Journaling practice, I try to make sure that I have a little bit of fun with my Bullet Journal every day and June is no exception! I decided to use the June page as an excuse to use bright colors and fun fonts! I also love to make sure I have something fun to look forward to each month because it helps me stay motivated! These are June Bullet Journal page ideas that are inspired by the heat and humidity of summer.

June bujo cover page


Summer time is the season of adventure and of sports. The sun is shining brighter, the birds are singing louder, and the kids are out of school. It is the season when summer camp is in session. It is also the season of baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, softball, volleyball and boating. I love the energy of summer and all the activities that go along with it. We can spend more time outdoors playing and enjoying our activities. 

This bujo theme works for so many different types of outdoor activities and you can use this bujo theme to make your activity even more special. When I do a summer sports themed bujo, I tend to focus on things that are connected to sports in some way. For example I have included a list of my favorite places to play sports in the summer.


Do you ever go camping? Camping is a great way to get out in nature and experience the great outdoors. Camping is one of those things where I never get bored. It’s also a great opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the fresh air and peace and quiet. The best thing about camping is the ability to enjoy nature.

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I like this theme because of the colorful and happy feeling it gives me. The whole point of doing bujo is to use it to record your daily life. So if you are using a theme that includes a lot of the natural elements of camping, like hiking, swimming and spending time outside then it makes it easy to use bujo to help keep track of your summer adventures. When I do a camp themed bujo, I like to use natural elements like water, trees and rocks.


Sometimes when I travel I get ideas for new places and things to create. While on vacation, I get these ideas and create them in a bujo. This is a theme that focuses on that feeling of freedom and adventure. It’s easy to get caught up in your daily routine and forget to stop and smell the roses. It also lets you look forward to those times when you get to get away from it all and do something fun. This is a low stress theme. One that focuses on your surroundings and your experiences rather than the time you have available to work on your bujo. You can fill your pages with beautiful pictures of your trips, things you want to learn and places you want to go. You can use the tropical colors, bright oranges, yellows, greens and purples to accentuate the feel of the season.


I have always loved watermelon. I remember my first taste of it was so sweet and juicy. This is a fun theme to do when you have been drinking a lot of watermelon! The bright red watermelon combined with the black accents really makes a fun page.

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The weather always changes. If we were to live somewhere with consistent sunshine and warm temperatures, we would never change out of our shorts and t-shirts. Some days are sunny and warm, some days are rainy, windy and cold. If we were to do a theme based on the weather we would have to include raindrops, clouds, thunder and lightning. I really love how each of the weather elements of rain, snow, sleet, thunder and lightning makes such a huge impact on the page.

Once I was inspired by the classic photo of the old man in a raincoat, umbrella and hat, standing next to a stormy ocean. This theme is a great choice if you want to capture the joy of the moment when you are outdoors in a storm. It reminds me of the stormy skies above a beach where you can just sit there and watch the waves crash against the shoreline. While others might see the storm as bad weather, I see it as an opportunity to go for a walk. The wind will whip your hair around, the rain will drench you. But it’s those times when it stops raining that you realize how beautiful it is outside.


As you go through your daily activities, think about what you do in the water. Do you enjoy swimming? Do you like to be surrounded by water? Do you spend time in the ocean, pools or waterparks? If you love water, swimming and water parks then this is the theme for you!

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The first Friday of June is annually celebrated as National Donut Day in the United States. Donuts are one of those comfort foods. They remind me of home, my family, and the old days when life was simpler and less stressful. You can get donuts with sprinkles and glaze, filled with tasty toppings. There are so many different varieties and colors. They remind us of the simple things in life. I like to use warm, rich colors for this theme such as shades of brown and orange.

Hot Air Balloon

June 5th is the National Hot Air Balloon Day. I always wished that I could go up in an air balloon and look down at the world below, floating through the clouds. I love to watch them take off and float across the sky. They are colorful, fun, and festive. I tend to use lots of bright colors, especially oranges, reds, yellows and greens in a hot air balloon themed bujo.


World Environment Day is celebrated annually on 5 June. We all know the environment we live in impacts how we feel, how we react and our overall health. I like to take this fact and apply it to my bullet journal by having a theme related to the environment I live in. If you are into nature or gardening, then you can use your environment as inspiration for a bujo. I love nature. I love gardens. I love plants. I love trees. I love to spend time with nature. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. I love watching a tree grow from a seedling to a big tall tree. This is what inspires me for a bujo that focuses on nature.