Have you ever wanted to create a journal for your Kpop idols? Or maybe you just want to keep a log of your favorite Kpop songs and performances. Either way, this post will inspire you with some of the most popular Kpop themed layouts.

Many people love keeping journals for different reasons. Some write them so that they can go back and read their entries from years ago. Others use it to record thoughts, memories, and feelings related to the things they do on a daily basis.

A journal is also a great way to document your Kpop fandom. A Kpop Journal is created by fans to share their thoughts, feelings, and inspirations related to Kpop and other pop culture.

There are so many different ways to organize a Kpop journal. You can choose from simple layouts to complex ones. You can make your journal look like a book or magazine. Or you can use a mix of both.

Beautiful Kpop Journaling Spreads and Layouts


Kpop playlist spread

I really like the aesthetic of this spread. The neutral colors really make this spread pop! The lettering is really pretty and elegant. 

Kpop Playlist

kpop spread using stickers

Here is a simple yet beautiful Kpop Bullet Journal spread. I really love the cute stickers and soft colors.


Pretty Kpop idea with a stunning title

This spread looks heavenly and I think the song is just as beautiful as the spread. This page really captures the essence of the beautiful Kpop music! I love the Lilac lettering in this spread, it just adds a nice finishing touch. 

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Boy With Luv

kpop spread with pretty lettering

This is a really fun and colorful Kpop spread. I love that they used ripped colored paper to create this spread. You can totally do this with just any kind of colored paper, or you can create your own colorful layouts using all kinds of different materials.

Spotify Wrapped

Cute kop spread idea

This is an interesting minimal idea for a kpop themed Journal spread. I love the lavender color scheme in this spread. This color aesthetic is so beautiful and calming to me. Both lettering and handwriting are so neat and pretty. 

Favorite OST

Favorite ost songs kpop spread

This spread really speaks to me with the beautiful artwork. This is a great way to capture some of your favorite kpop songs. This style is so striking! I love the way that the colors, and the artwork are so harmonious. The way that everything is so pretty and perfect is what makes this spread stand out.

Favorite Kdrama Soundtracks

Kdrama ost fan spread

This really is a super impressive spread idea to show your love for the soundtrack and the songs of your favorite Korean Drama series. I love how it has a really cute title, and it really covers the Kdrama OST theme. 

Falling Into Your Smile

Favorite soundtrack and song kpop spread

This is a really easy way to use stickers! This page spread is super cute with some really pretty handwriting. I love the layering and mini sections, and the colors of each photo.

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BTS Dynamite

BTS kpop journal spread

This is a really beautiful kpop spread for a really beautiful BTS song. It is filled with love and creativity. The colors are really vibrant and I love the different designs of the words. The layering, the header and the typography is so pretty. The “hey” speech bubble is cute! I think that this would be a great inspiration for someone who is a K-Pop fan.

Fashion Icon J-Hope

Kpop icon fan page idea

Here is another gorgeous kpop spread idea! This one is for J-Hope fans! I really like how they created this page and the layout they used. It’s very creative and pretty. I love the colorful and vibrant style and color of the page spread.