Minimalist bullet journal layouts are a great way to stay consistent with your bullet journal. They’re quick and easy to make and use.

The most important thing to remember when making this style of spread is that it is meant to be simple and straightforward.  The idea is to keep things focused, concise and streamlined.

This collection of Minimalist Bujo Weekly Layouts will help make your life more organized and productive, and they are perfect for busy people who want to keep up with everything.

Weekly Spread Ideas With A Minimalist Style

There are many wonderful Minimalist weekly spreads listed here, and I hope you are inspired to find some of your own favorites!

Simple & Minimal Filled In Weekly 

Weekly spread with minimum artwork

Here is a really neat and pretty minimalist weekly layout. I love how it has calming colors and an elegant feel. You can really see the beauty of how this is laid out, and the simplicity of the whole thing. This would be great if you want to stay focused on the daily activities that you’d like to accomplish.

Bare Minimum Weekly Spread

Bujo weekly layout with no drawings

If you are in the mood to do something a little more minimal, then this page is for you! This is super easy to create, and I love that it really highlights all the little details that you have accomplished. A column for to-do list or events is also included. The whole layout is simple, catchy and really satisfying!

Quick One Page Weekly Spread

April minimal weekly

This is a great minimalist weekly spread idea for the month of April. I’m also loving the little doodles and the placement of the washi tape. This page is super simple and clean looking. I love the simplicity.

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Bullet Journal Spread with a Simplistic Style

Minimal Bujo with neat handwriting

This layout is very easy to fill out, and it makes for a really neat looking spread! I love how minimal this style is. Love the way that @sarahboparah kept it simple, clean, and neat looking. Penmanship is so pretty and this layout really shows that. 

Neat and Minimal Weekly Planner

October weekly simple planner

This is a super clean weekly planner page spread with beautiful lettering. It is so simple, yet so effective! This layout is so pleasing to the eye! I love jewel tone colors and the neat handwriting in red black ink is very attractive.

Simple and Effective Functional Planner

Minimalist planner setup

I love the idea of having a sticky note with weekly to dos, and the handwriting is adorable! This is another example of how a simple idea can look really elegant. It’s such a great way to get organized and track your time efficiently.

Cute Weekly with Simple Style

Beautiful simplistic weekly spread

A really lovely weekly layout. It is very simple and pretty, and has a gentle, soft look to it. Love the quote, the lettering and the colors, and the artwork. The colors and the trees together create a very soothing experience. This is definitely going on my wish list of minimalist bullet journal layouts to try!

Geometric Minimalistic Spread

Weekly spread with minimum lines and shapes

Here is a Bujo idea that uses a simple, black and white design. I’m always inspired by minimalist designs and this one was a great find. The layout is really clean with just a few elements on the page. The aesthetically pleasing lines are so easy on the eye and makes the pages very nice to look at!

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Bujo Weekly with a Refreshing Design

Black and white weekly layout with a simple plant theme

This is another gorgeous example of a minimalistic Bullet Journaling style by @bujomood. Simple tone lines makes the boxes really pop! Love the fact that it’s clean and not too overwhelming!

A Cute One Page Weekly

Single weekly page idea with minimal doodles

This is a very nice looking and easy-to-make weekly single page spread. I like how it has such an orange focus to it. I’m loving the cleanness of it and how the outline of orange is on the boxes. Also loved the warm colors and the cute floral doodles! 

Minimal Journal with Beautiful Handwriting

Text only weekly layout with great penmanship

This layout is a great way to keep track of your weekly life without any extra add-ons! The handwriting is so perfect. I love this because it is so simple and doesn’t have any doodles or artwork to distract from the beautiful handwritten text. If you love handwriting, you should try this layout!

Minimal Weekly with Line Flower Drawings

Bullet journal weekly with line art

This neat, lovely layout can be used as an inspiration for your weekly planning page. There is so much to love about this set up. The line flower illustrations are fantastic! It has a minimalist look and gorgeous typography. This would be a great layout to use for a wedding or anniversary spread. 

Weekly Review with a Minimal Rapid Log

Simple Rapid Log Layout

A really neat Bullet Journal Rapid Log. I think it is so pretty and easy to read. The layout is very minimal, but that is what makes this page awesome! I love the hint of bright yellow in the background. Makes me feel cheery! I also love the functionality of the log itself and how the handwriting gives this layout a neat and clean feel.

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Basic Layout with Number Headers

Bujo with minimal text only design

This weekly page design is a really good representation of the minimalist vibe! It’s so clean and simple yet so appealing to me! I love the way that these headers are done, and the way that they are laid out. I also liked the long oval headers that accompany the numbers! They are so elegant and classy!

Minimal Bujo Setup Using Stamps

Weekly layout without any color or artwork

I love how this page is so beautifully organized. This is a great way to keep your weekly planning on track! You don’t have to use any type of color or artwork, as this layout is minimal! The only design aspect used is the cute stamps! I love how everything is neatly laid out. 

Pretty Spread with Bold Numbers

Simple weekly with just lettering

This spread represents an easy way to keep track of your week in one place. You can use as much or as little space you like for each day and the layout is beautiful! What makes it even better is the boldness of the numbers that really pop out on the page. 

These examples and ideas of minimal spreads really highlights the fact that you can create a weekly Bullet Journal with a lot less than you might think!

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