February is the month of Love! You’re going to love these gorgeous, inspiring and practical bullet journal ideas for the month of February 2021.

February cover with pastel colors

I love the look of this February cover page! This is a really simple layout, with just a few elements, and a minimalist design. The pastel colors are really elegant and they go well with the low-key floral themed layout. The window design is so pretty! This is a super cute theme for February.

Moon, bear and Valentine Feb weekly

I really love the way this layout makes me feel, especially when it comes to February. The teddy bear make me feel warm and cozy. The little bear and the moon are so adorable and sweet! I really love the cute art work and the way it depicts this month! 

February cover and calendar with beautiful illustrations

A fun February Calendar Spread idea for the Bullet Journal! See one of the Shiba puppy is flying with the dandelion! The artwork is very detailed and really captures my eye! The Shiba and dandelion drawings are really adorable and make the page look so nice and sweet! I also love the color combination.

Weekly February theme with shades of blue

This February weekly page layout has such a gorgeous color palette and is so very tranquil! The page shows off the colors and tones of blue beautifully. I love the cute plant doodles and the lovely shades of blue! The colors on the page look very calming and peaceful, just like the ocean. 

February weekly with the Lunar New Year theme

This makes me think of the bright, fun colors of the Chinese / Lunar New Year. The beautiful lanterns really are a stunning sight to look at! There are so many different ways that you can use this layout to record your February. 

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Feb weekly with a combo of orange and yellow colors

This is a cute February weekly spread idea! The colors are so fresh and bright. I am loving the orange and yellow color scheme, and the daily headers are so simple and functional! Love the little adorable trackers and the lettering!

 February cover with love letters theme

I liked this cheesy romantic love letter theme, and also loved the cute little stamps! It really has a perfect Valentine’s Day feel with adorable little hearts! You can also decorate the pages further with cute love stickers.

February Bujo cover with candy hearts

This is a colorful and fun Valentine’s Day spread! I love the idea of adding cute candy mini hearts and the soft colors really compliment the heart theme! I also love that so many colors are used. I’m going to add this to my February Bullet Journal ideas!

Adorable Feb spread with washi tapes and stickers

I really enjoy the design of this February Bullet Journal spread by @kelsey.doodles. It’s a really cute dutch door layout and I’m drawn to the use of stickers. The washi tape and stickers really add to the creativity and make this layout pop! I’ve always loved the idea of adding stickers to my spreads, and this is a great way to do it. I also liked the concept of a separate to-do list using the extra paper. I also like the way the different shades of brown are combined together on the page.

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Another love letter themed bujo layout

I’m loving this color scheme for February. I really love the way it is all done in pink and red. The pink and red colors go together perfectly! It’s got a really great Valentine vibe and style that I would LOVE to have in my Bullet Journal. I also love the typewriter and I think it adds a nice touch to this love letter theme.

Another gorgeous February spread using washi tapes

Here is another great February weekly. I love how the washi tape matches so well with the spread. I also love this color palette. It’s simple and elegant! The little axolotls are just too cute! They are one of the cutest animals on the planet. 

February monthly calendar with pink clouds

The beauty of the clouds really makes this February calendar spread stand out! I really like the muted pink color and it’s very soothing. I also love how the February lettering is done and the fluffy clouds just add to the overall soft and airy feel!

February cover page with candy theme

This is such a sweet and yummy February cover spread. You can really get creative with the doodles and the layout. This spread is themed around candies, and has really cute candy doodles, as well as the colors in this spread really complement each other.

February habit, mood & sleep tracker

A great February spread to record your moods, habits and sleep. This is really fun, and a great way to start tracking your habits. Love the beautiful color combination, and the adorable conversation hearts! I love the clean and organized look of this layout. I’m in love with the candy heart doodles and the way it has been decorated with the pastel colors.

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Dutch door monthly log

I love this minimalist spread idea. Minimalism is very popular right now and this style is just so elegant and beautiful! It has a very clean and pretty look, and it is unique. I love the Dutch door with the gratitude log on the back, and the cute little pink lip doodles. 

Month at a glance for February

Another wonderful idea for February that does not have too many Valentine vibes. The theme of this spread is Strawberry and you can see lots of cute little strawberries on this spread! If you love strawberries as much as I do then you will love this spread. I also like the idea of having a monthly accomplishments box on this month at a glance spread.

February noodle bowl weekly

Love the noodles in a bowl? The ramen spread is a very cute and unique idea! The noodle bowl and the little onigiri rice ball have a little relationship with each other. The tiny writing and the grid accents really make this spread look so much more unique. I also love the brown and cream color scheme!

Feb love letter bujo theme

I love the theme and the artwork on this cover page. The muted pink is the perfect color for this page and it has got some love letter vibes. This backdrop is just gorgeous and you can never go wrong with the grid board. This is an elegant and beautiful cover!

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