These amazing February journal theme ideas are going to help you get inspired and on your way to a successful month!

February is the second month of the year. I love the fact that we are heading into Spring. I love that the days get longer and that it is warmer! It makes me feel more alive and refreshed. This means that I can spend more time outside and get some sun!

The first few days of February are usually my hardest months of the year because I am dealing with the aftermath of the holidays. I tend to be more stressed and have a lot on my plate.

In February, I use my Bullet Journal to help me deal with the stress and the after effects of the holiday season! It helps me focus on what is important in my life and gives me some structure to my days. It helps me to keep my days organized, even if I am not planning ahead!

February Theme Ideas for your Bullet Journal

February pastel pink cover page

Fairy Tale Theme

Tell a Fairy Tale Day is an informal observance held on February 26. I love fairy tales! The wonder, the magic, the excitement and mystery they leave you with. The wonderful characters that you meet along the way. I love the way they are illustrated in pictures. The way they inspire young minds to believe in the impossible. The way they teach us to be kind, compassionate, loving, and hopeful.

Weekly fairytale themed spread

I feel like the fairy tale bullet journal is a great way to live out your imagination. This is a great theme for those who want a fantasy bujo. There is always an abundance of colors in fairy tales. They are vibrant and filled with magical creatures and colorful characters. I always try to have a little fun with my pages. When I do a fairy tale themed bujo, I like to use lots of bright colors in a palette like yellow, red, pink, green, blue, purple, white and silver. This helps me feel like I am in the story. I also like to incorporate magical elements like gems, gemstones, jewelry, sparkles and glitter.

Amethyst Crystals Theme

Amethyst is a February birthstone. What really inspires me is the beauty of the amethyst crystal. The colors range from beautiful light lavender to deep purple. They are also one of the most calming colors in the spectrum. I always feel better when I look at amethyst. I like to use mostly shades of purple or lilac to create my pages. The key is to keep the color palette soft and easy on the eyes.

Crystals themed weekly spread
Habit tracker with crystal stickers

Pizza Day Theme

The World Pizza Day is celebrated on 9th February each year. Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I love the flavors and the aroma. I love the way it can satisfy your taste buds. I don’t eat it too often, but when I do I enjoy it. I’m not sure if it’s just because I grew up with it or what, but pizza seems to fit my aesthetic. The pizza slices can also be used to decorate your pages or just have it as a background. When I do a pizza themed bujo, I like to use red and orange.

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Baking Theme

Bake for Family Fun Month is also February. I love baking breads, cookies, cakes and pies. It’s something that makes me feel good to be in the kitchen with the oven on. I love the smell, the taste and the warmth of it. I love to make things that are sweet and gooey. I love to make bread, I love to make cookies, I love to make muffins. The only thing I don’t really like is the cleanup! So, I thought this would be a perfect theme for a bujo.  If you are looking for a nice simple theme that has the feel of a cake or something that smells like a bakery, this is the theme for you.

Bird Feeding Theme

February is National Bird Feeding Month. I love the way that birds look in flight. The way they go from nothing to something so quickly, how they can suddenly appear in your field of vision and then vanish just as quickly. The way they move in and out of trees, the way they seem to be everywhere and yet only around in certain seasons. If you are looking for a minimal bujo setup, you could use just the black and white birds throughout the pages. If you’re feeling really artistic you can use watercolor brush pens to create some of the bird designs.

Books Theme

This theme is inspired by the Book Giving Day that falls on 14th February. It’s a time when you can go out and give books and other materials to those who may need them the most. You can do this on your own or as a group. Whatever you do, it’s a great way to give back. Books are so much fun to look at! They have interesting textures, patterns, and colors. You can decorate your pages with illustrations of your favorite books or you could make mini book covers and include them in your journal. It can be simple or elaborate.  

Book themed Habit tracker
Monthly spread with books theme

Woodland Animals Theme

In the winter, we have a lot of animal hibernation going on. The animals are in their dens, underground burrows or caves. I like to capture the scene of the animals sleeping through the winter and coming out of their dens in spring. I love the idea of the quiet stillness of nature. I love the way trees seem to float in the air, the way birds sit quietly in the branches, the way squirrels run up and down their tree’s and the way flowers bloom. I love that kind of peacefulness. When I do a woodland animal themed bujo, I like to use deep browns and greens.

Foxes animal themed weekly spread

Postal Letters Theme

February 4th is the National Thank A Mail Carrier Day. I have an obsession with post cards and mail art. I love the way they look, the color schemes they are made up of and the messages that come in them. They are so much fun and creative! I like to write my thoughts down on a piece of paper or postcard and then cut them out and use them to decorate my pages. You can use a color scheme based on the colors of a postage stamp. 

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Letters and mailbox dutch door bujo spread
February calendar with envelope doodles
Weekly layout with letters and envelopes

Pets Theme

February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day! I love taking pictures of my pets, and they love having their picture taken. They’re always happy and curious and they’re very good at making you smile. I think of this as a low-stress theme. One that lets me focus on the process of creating the page, not the actual creation. When I do a pets themed bujo, I like to use bright bold colors like red, orange, blue, purple and yellow.

Weekly layout with cute cat stickers

Animal Tracks Theme

I love animal tracks! They are so interesting to watch as they leave their prints on the ground or snow. Winter is filled with animal tracks. Whether they be deer, moose, squirrels, birds or even wolves. They leave a trail of their passage. I love these patterns in the way that they are so unique and personal. There are so many different types animal tracks that you can use in your theme. You can use a photo or you can draw one yourself.  You could even have your own “footprint of the week” for each page you do.

Groundhog Day Theme

Groundhog Day on February 2nd is another one of my winter time favorites. I love the whole concept of the holiday. Groundhogs are the most famous of winter symbols. We always look forward to seeing the little furry rodent come out of his burrow to check if we are going to have a six more weeks of winter. I personally love the simplicity of it. You can go with a color scheme that reminds you of the holiday or you could choose a different color palette.

Chinese New Year Theme

Chinese New Year is the time of year that most of us try to make some changes in our lives. We make resolutions for the coming year, we get rid of clutter and we give new energy to ourselves. The Chinese New Year is a great time to start doing all of these things.  I use a combination of bright red, orange and gold. These colors are associated with joy, virtue and prosperity. You can use a different color scheme as well if you like.

February habit tracker layout with Chinese lanterns

Cherry Blossom Theme

Cherry blossom flowers turn a gorgeous pink color, almost like a rose or carnation.  There is something so soothing about cherry blossoms. The way the petals fall and slowly drift to the ground, like snowflakes. They look so delicate and fragile against the background of the trees in spring.  I like to do my cherry blossom themed bujo with soft shades of white and pink.

February weekly with cherry blossoms

Valentine Theme

I love all things Valentine’s Day. I love the romance, the flowers, the chocolates and the red hearts. It’s the day when lovers, friends, family and loved ones express their love through gifts, cards, handwritten letters and love notes. So why not use that energy to create a fun and colorful bujo? The colors you use to decorate your pages should reflect the love that is present in your life. This theme makes it easy to capture all the fun, love, affection and romance in one place. 

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Cute Valentine Day February Cover page

Rose Theme

The rose is one of the most romantic flowers. They are so beautiful and delicate. They have been associated with love and romance for as long as we have had the ability to write down our thoughts and feelings. Apart from the Valentine month of February, this is a great theme for a wedding or anniversary month. It’s also a good theme for a love themed page. When I do a rose themed bujo I like to use colors like red, pink, purple, violet and lilac. These are colors that go well with roses.

Floral February romantic theme

Chocolate Theme

I love chocolate. I am a chocoholic! Chocolate calms you down and makes you feel good. The way the chocolate looks and the way it feels in your mouth is so delightful! You can have a chocolate themed bujo that has hot cocoa or chocolate chip cookies. This is a fun theme to try out if you are having trouble getting in the mood for a bujo. I like to use browns, golds, blacks, reds and oranges.

Emoticons Theme

Bullet journaling offers an outlet to make your own record of where you have been and what you have done. And it allows you to create something for yourself that you can enjoy as long as you like, or keep forever. Emoticons are fun, they are expressive, they are the little smiley faces that make our world just a little bit brighter.

Emoticons can make your bullet journal feel light and cheerful or they can make it feel dark and serious. I really like the idea of having a set of emoticons that represent your moods for the day. This is a really fun theme. It’s all about using emoji’s and other fun smileys to decorate your pages. When I do a emoticon themed bujo, I try to keep things simple. This is because, I tend to overdo it when it comes to embellishments and decorations. 

Hearts Theme

The heart has been used as a symbol of love for thousands of years. It’s a pretty universal symbol for love. The heart has many different shapes, sizes and colors. This is another one of those themes that can be used to decorate a page or just set the mood for the day. A hearts themed bujo can be very simple or very intricate. You can go with a full blown hearts theme or just use hearts as a way to add color to your pages. The colors used are red, white and pink.

February monthly spread with hearts and desserts stickers

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