If you are a fan of simplicity and minimalism, this collection of minimalist bullet journal weekly spreads will definitely inspire you.

Bullet journaling is an effective way to keep a daily record of your life. It can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Minimalist bullet journal spreads are a great way to start bullet journaling, because you don’t need to worry about having artistic skills, or about color. These spreads are also perfect for people who want a simple and clean look in their journal. 

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Minimalist Bullet Journal Weekly Logs

Simple layout with a beautiful quote

Bujo weekly spread with a quote

This is a really simple, yet really beautiful weekly spread. I really love the writing in the form of a star and the use of the Hamilton quote. The simplicity is so elegant and beautiful. This style is great for any time of the year!

Beautiful minimalist design

Minimal March weekly with beautiful handwriting

Here is a great example of a March Weekly Spread! I’m sure you’ll be able to find a lot of ideas in the lettering. I love how the beautiful light blue shade is so pleasant to look at, and that the handwriting is so clean.  Also how minimalistic the whole page is.

Single page weekly planner

Minimal weekly with task list and habit tracker

This page is really neat and has a task list along with a habit tracker on one side and a beautiful weekly layout on the other side. What a great way to keep your weekly goals, tasks, and habits organized. The layout is very simple but so nice and satisfying to look at!

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Weekly with a vertical layout

Simple and clean functional weekly spread

Here is a really simple and clean weekly spread idea. This layout is very spacious and has a monthly review box in the lower half. This layout will work well for people who want a minimalist bullet journal, as this spread does not have a lot of “stuff” in it. I love the simplicity and beauty of the design! The bamboo drawings are also very cute.

Clean functional spread

Minimalist bujo handwriting

The minimal design of this page is appealing and simple. I really love the writing and layout. There is nothing fancy going on here, just a simple and effective weekly planning spread. If you are not into doodles or drawing, give this style a try in your Bullet Journal.

Double page weekly spread

Super simple weekly with work events and water tracker

It’s a simple and minimal weekly spread with basic functionality. Easy artwork, but a great idea to keep up with your work and upcoming events. I love the bubbly look and it has a water tracker as well.

Do you have a white pen?

Weekly log with space for daily tasks

This is such a cool weekly log page idea! The double page spread has sufficient space for your daily tasks for each day of the week using vertical columns. I love the headers and the way that they are written in white pen! I also really like the water intake tracking idea, and the neat look of the journal layout.

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Simple but decorative

Simplistic weekly January spread idea

Here is an adorable spread for you to create. I really love the stars at the bottom and on the weekly headers. A great layout for someone who likes to keep things really clean.

Minimal spread with unique headers

Pretty simple double page weekly layout

Another easy to create weekly spread idea for beginners. The triangles in the headers are a nice touch. This is a great idea for a monochrome design with no embellishments. You can draw vertical lines for daily columns so that it is easy to fill.

One page weekly

Single page minimal weekly setup

This is a wonderful idea for using a single page for one week. I love how everything on this page is so elegant and uses just a little bit of washi tape for embellishment! The pinks and black together are just so sweet and cute! The lettering on the spread is lovely.

Simple and user-friendly design

Minimalist style weekly layout

Here is a very beginner friendly, very calming layout idea for a weekly spread in your Bullet Journal. This is the perfect layout for those that are just starting to use a Bullet Journal. I love how simple this design is, and the layout is extremely minimal. I think that anyone could create this layout if they wanted to!

Minimal look with grid elements

Weekly spread with simple looks and minimal style

This is very minimalist, but it doesn’t look bland! It’s a really simple and clean layout with just the right amount of space to write down the daily tasks. The square grid look is really interesting and the hand lettering is very pretty too.

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Magazine style weekly layout

Minimal Weekly using stamps

A great quick and easy weekly spread idea. I love how simple this is, with a super minimal look! I also like that it has so much room for notes and the future sections. You can use stamps as a speedy way to display the numbers.

Adorable weekly using stickers

Double page minimal weekly in a small notebook

If you like stickers and want something pretty, then this is a great weekly spread for you. I’m loving the cute stickers and the way the page is laid out. If you love small sized notebooks then this minimal design will be perfect for you. 

Neat spread with gorgeous handwriting

Minimal weekly setup on a grid notebook

This is such a nice looking spread for a weekly page in a Bullet Journal. I’m loving the handwritten notes and the touch of pale pink. This spread is so lovely to look at and the notes on the grid notebook really make it stand out!

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