Here are some of the best February 2022 cover ideas that will inspire you.

You can try different things and come up with something unique for your journal. I hope you find some inspiration in these monthly covers and that they’ll help you get into the creative mood.

February Cover Page Ideas 2022

Stickers and Washi Decoration

February bujo cover decorated with stickers and washi

Here is a beautiful, pretty and cozy February cover page for your Bullet Journal. It is really detailed with lots of little touches that make it look really beautiful and amazing. Love the colors and all the intricate designs used in this layout. I especially love the use of the washi tape and the circle stickers. I especially love the use of the washi tape and the circle stickers.


Lunar New Year February setup

This is a gorgeous February cover page that is perfect for the Lunar New Year! This really brightens my mood, and the illustration is just so lovely. The tangerines look so delicious and I love the contrast between the orange and blue.

Color Palette

February non pink theme

A great non-pink February theme for your Bullet Journal. The combination of green and black makes it feel very elegant and classy. This one has me thinking about all the painters out there. I love the palette drawing, and the watercolor style is very appealing to me.

Craft Paper

February cover using textured paper

I’m not really a big fan of cheesy themes. However, if they are done in an elegant way, then I think it can work. The black ink on craft paper makes any drawing look so lovely. It makes the cover page design stand out and the flowers are absolutely beautiful!

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Lunar New Year

Lunar new year themed cover page

Here is a cute cover page if you are a fan of Lunar New Year themes. If you want a fun, celebratory vibe for your journal, then this is the right page to start with. I love how the color choices and the cute cat illustration add to the festive atmosphere!


Airmails and hearts themed cover page

Here is an awesome February cover idea for airmail lovers. The little cards with the hearts are adorable, and I love the colors of red and blue. This is a great way to add a cute and romantic feel to your journal!

Traditional Hearts

Bujo feb cover with traditional heart theme

This is a unique February traditional Heart themed cover page! The hearts are made with a gorgeous pastel style. Love the little pocket for the calendar and love the paper used for the pocket! This would be an easy idea to replicate into other months, or even into other seasons.

Strawberry Milk

Strawberry themed feb cover

This is a really adorable February Bullet Journal spread. The strawberry theme and cute drawings really make this spread a winner for me. I love the little straw and strawberry milk carton illustration. It makes me want to have strawberry milk!

Love Potion

Love potions bullet journal cover for the month of February

I love the idea of this theme being centered around love spells and potions. I really like this peach tone and the little heart doodles are too cute. It reminds me of Harry Potter where the students were learning spells! The theme works perfectly for the month of February.

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Boba and Strawberry

Boba and strawberry themed February cover

This is a very cute boba and strawberry themed cover. I especially love the pink color scheme, the origami stars and the cup of boba. It looks minimal but has a lot of details. The stars match perfectly with the color palette and the washi tape strips really make the page look beautiful.


Planters themed Feb Bujo Cover

This spread is a good way to get a change from all the Valentines day pink themes. The planter drawings really make the whole page shine! I really love the colors and the theme is good for any month of the year.

Love Letters

Love letters monochrome February cover

This February Love Letters Cover Page is adorable. It is really pretty with the monochrome theme and the pink shade is really lovely. I really like the monochromatic style of this layout and the cute tabs. The shading on the drawing is beautiful and gives the artwork a soft appearance.  

Abstract Mountains

February cover with Mountain themed artwork

This cover page has some beautiful abstract mountains against the night sky and a vibrant color palette. I would definitely love to visit these mountains in person! I love the placement of the lettering and the streaks that define the mountain layers. The color combination is perfect and the use of white space makes the beautiful artwork stand out. 

Boho Style

Bujo minimalistic February cover spread

I love the clean boho style of this February cover page and the beautiful quote. This is such an elegant, minimalist layout style and I think you’ll love it too! The beautiful illustration and lettering is so pleasing to the eyes. 

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Romantic Postal Theme

Valentine postal letters February cover spread

This is such a cute and romantic Valentine’s Day cover spread. I really like the idea of how the paint swatches add a nice pop of color and interest to the page. The soft pink February lettering is so unique and eye-catching. 


February dessert themed cover spread

This February theme is all about desserts and food art. It is filled with pretty, adorable and yummy food doodles. Love the little color swatches behind. You can change the page setup depending on what you’re craving. I am already hungry!

Water Lilies

Feb cover setup with water lilies theme

This is such a lovely cover page for February! The water lilies really pop out at me. I’m sure you will be impressed with the beautiful details in this cover. Great colors, great layout, and a great composition.

Flowers and Washi

Floral February cover

Love how everything comes together on this beautiful cover page. I like the blooming flowers illustration and the layered washi tape. I also love the use of different washi tapes and line art used to create this really delicate layout! The gorgeous florals and the moon are so lovely and aesthetic.

Floral Circles

February floral cover setup

This cover page looks stunning and unique. I’m in love with the circles and the flowers! I think the colors work really well together. This was such a nice surprise! Initially, I thought these were stickers! The florals and circles stand out beautifully.

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