January is all about setting goals and resolutions and starting the year off right. One of the best ways to start the year off right is with a fresh new bullet journal theme!

So you finally bought yourself a nice, shiny new Moleskine notebook and now you need some inspiration on what to write in it. January is a great time to start a new year off with a fresh slate and this month is all about fresh starts! Whether you are just starting out a brand-new year or you are looking to make some much needed changes in your life, there are several ideas that will be perfect for you.

Unique Bullet Journal Themes for January

The January bullet journal theme ideas are all about being creative and having fun. You can use this as inspiration to create a new look for your bullet journal and make it your own!

In this post, I am going to be sharing some beautiful January bullet journal layouts and themes that are perfect for any type of journaler. I am also going to be sharing some tips on how you can personalize your journal with these ideas. These are all wonderful ways to use your bullet journal in January and help you get the most out of it.

Snowflakes theme

Snowflakes are small and delicate. But in the winter they are a lot of fun. They remind us of the wonder of the world. But snowflakes are also a great minimal theme. When you set out to do a minimal design, you’re always looking for the best way to express your message. You look for the most effective ways to communicate a message in the least amount of space.

Snowflakes themed monthly log for January
January monthly spread

Snow theme

Another fun wintertime topic is snow. I like to think of it as the white stuff that falls from the sky. It covers up the trails left by the humans. It blankets the world with a pristine surface. You can do a simple snowy design where it’s just the white stuff on the page. Or you can go all out and create a huge snow globe scene.

Simple snowy weekly spread

Snowman theme

The snowman is another classic wintertime image that I love. I think it’s because it is so fun and unique! But the snowman is also a great theme for a minimal bullet journal setup. You can create pages with just the snowman or you can have some pages where the snowman is the main focus.

Snowman mood tracker
Fun weekly spread with four Snowmen

Fireworks theme

I love the joyful chaos of a good fireworks show. The way they burst into colors, the way they are so much fun and exuberant. When I do a fireworks themed bujo, I like to use a red and orange color scheme. These are the two primary colors in the rainbow of colors that make up a fireworks display. If you do a search for “fireworks bullet journal” you will find some really neat ideas.

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January monthly log with fireworks

Fitness theme

I’m a big believer in getting outside and moving your body every day. Especially in the winter when the days are shorter we need to make sure we are doing enough exercise to keep ourselves healthy and energized. A fitness-themed bujo will motivate you to get up and move even on those days when you don’t feel like it.

Nature (in winter)

Nature is a great theme. The stark contrast of the white snow against all the colors of the natural world. It’s a simple but effective theme. What I especially like about this theme is how it can work for both minimal and more elaborate setups. If you decide to go for an elaborate setup you can add in lots of details like evergreen trees, icicles, and so on. But if you decide to keep it simple, you can still include the basics like tree trunks, bare branches, and so on. Either way, nature (in winter) is a great theme.

Beautiful January spread
Close up of January calendar spread

Mountains theme

The majesty, the power, the size… and… the beauty of a mountain!  When I do a mountains bujo, I like to have blues and purples as my dominant colors. I think it looks great when the blue is in the sky and the purple is on the ground. The contrast between the two makes the scene even more dramatic. If you do a search for “mountains bujo” you will find some really neat ideas.

January wintry spread on black book with white colored pencil

Wilderness theme

Another winter favorite is the idea of going back to the wilderness. We all need to get away sometimes. To disconnect from technology and connect with nature. It does us all good. Even if it’s just for a weekend. When we reconnect with nature our souls reconnect with the source of all true joy. The source of all creativity. All inspiration. All motivation.

Ice theme

Ice is another one of my winter time favorites. It’s cold, it’s white, it looks beautiful when it’s frozen over lakes and ponds and rivers… and… it makes an excellent minimalist bullet journal theme. You could use it to decorate your pages with or just have it in your design as a strong background color.

Icicles theme

Icicles are another one of my favorite things about the winter. I love them on my trees and on my window sills! In the winter I often go outside and put icicles on my porch. They are always a fun thing to do. And you know what else is fun? Ice skating! It’s also something I’ve never done, but I’d love to get out there and do it this winter.

January’s monthly calendar with icicles.

Winter Animals theme

Winter time is all about animals. They are cozy and safe inside their warm homes. But come spring time they are raring to go. They are hungry and eager to get going on their next adventure. This is another fun wintertime topic. You can make this a very simple theme. Just put some cute little animal doodles on each page. Or you can make it more intricate by having a different type of animal on each page. Like a polar bear on one page, a panda on the next, a penguin, etc.

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Dreamcatcher theme

This is one of my all-time favorite themes. It reminds me of sitting outside by a fire under a dreamcatcher. All the while gazing into the flames and watching the sparks fly up into the night sky. I think of this as a low-stress theme. One that lets me focus on the process of creating the page, not the actual creation. When I do a dreamcatcher themed bujo, I like to use soft earthy tones like tan, brown, yellow, orange, gold and green.

Winter Sky theme

The purity of winter time. The peacefulness of the snow, the stars at night, the icicles hanging from the eaves of the houses… and… the way it looks when the sun tries to come out and melt the snow but can’t quite make it happen. The way everything turns white and sparkling and pure.  This is one of those themes that is very easy to make look sophisticated or artsy… or… very easy to make look like a child’s finger painting project. It doesn’t matter what you put this theme on paper with, the end result will always be breathtaking. You could use it as a standalone design or you could use it as a base for more elaborate designs. I particularly like to use it when I’m doing a minimalistic bujo.

January starry colorful night

Party theme

It’s the time when we resolve to lose the weight we gained over the holidays, pay off our debt, improve our relationships… and… generally start the year out on the right foot. What could be more fun than throwing a New Year’s party where everyone makes a resolution and then celebrates as they meet those goals? A minimalist version of this theme would be to just decorate your pages with little New Year’s resolutions written in your own handwriting. An artistic version would have little gingerbread people walking around with New Year’s resolution medals pinned to their chests.

New Year countdown party themed Bujo Spread

Winter Gear theme

I love all things gear related. From backpacks and hiking boots, to snow shovels and ice skates… and… let’s not forget the ever important consideration of warm clothes! A winter themed bujo can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. You can have just a couple gear items per page… or… an entire page dedicated to gear. You can also have gear items that relate to different aspects of your life such as work, play, health, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to this theme!

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Confetti theme

If you want to be as artistic as you want to be with your bullet journal, this is the theme for you. If you want to be minimalistic, this is the theme for you. I like to use this theme for my Christmas bujo because it makes me think of all of the times I was surrounded by confetti, and I have lots of fun memories of those times.

Celebration theme

I love the joyful chaos of a good celebration. From the clapping, the cheering, the horns blowing, the singing… everything about a good party makes me smile. Celebrations usually have lots of different colors so you can use that as your starting point for your celebration theme.

Weekly setup for January

Lanterns theme

Lanterns are another one of my favorite things about the winter time. They’re magical, they’re mysterious and beautiful. There’s something about them that makes me think of the winter season.

Lantern themed calendar spread
Lantern weekly spread

Warm Drinks theme

A mug of steaming hot chocolate or tea warms my soul on a cold day. It’s fun to decorate your pages with mugs of various sizes filled with different kinds of hot drinks. You could do a simple setup with just the mugs… or… you could get more elaborate and have each page represent a different kind of hot drink. For example, one page could have a large mug of coffee, another could have a small cup of tea, another could have a large mug of cocoa, etc.

Zodiac Signs theme

The zodiac is the division of the sky that we can see on Earth that divides the planets, stars and constellations into twelve different groups. These groups are defined by the position of the constellations in relation to each other as well as their position in the sky. Each group has a different personality trait and characteristics associated with it. I think of the zodiac as a very useful organizational tool. It can help you define your goals, set deadlines, keep you focused on the important things in your life… and… it makes an excellent minimalist bullet journal theme.

Love the black constellation

Clouds theme

When it is snowing outside, it makes me want to create a wintery theme. I love clouds and snow, they make me feel like I’m living in a magical world. I don’t know if I could actually live in a place where there were always clouds and snow, but I’d love to visit! A cloud themed bullet journal would be great for January.

January theme of colorful clouds and stars

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