Many of us nowadays probably face this recurring problem: you have a lot of things to do, many of which require a lot of time, and you are either lazy or just do not understand how to organize it all and just randomly start doing something.

Today, let’s talk about a way of planning that will please both creative and not so creative folks. The method is called Bullet Journaling.

Overview of my Bujo June cover and month at a glance

The planning system of Bullet Journaling was invented by designer Ryder Carroll for himself and for those people who find it difficult to focus their attention and for whom the usual methods of planning and systematization are not suitable.

Carroll has developed his own problem-solving system, the beauty of which is that you choose which symbols to use, to mark your tasks. The main thing in Bullet Journaling is clarity, which helps you to find the important things among a confusing heap of words.

What are the other reasons to practice this system?

1. Full freedom of action

In Bullet Journaling, you can customize everything: calendars, weeks, days, notes and also come up with your own spreads that will reflect your style. There are no rules and you have basic guidelines. You can make your bullet journal page simple and minimal or you can fill it with as many details as you are comfortable with.

Goals and habits custom bullet journal page

2. Choose from a vast array of supplies

We can use any notebook as a journal. If you want a more expensive option, you can use branded notebooks. The same goes for pens, pencils and other stationery. You are free to choose your own materials according to your budget.

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High quality personalized planner notebook
Bujo gel pens

3. Pages are not linked to dates

Often dated notebooks are tied to the beginning of the year, and we should complete them without interruption; otherwise, there will be a lot of blank pages. These blank pages do not look good, and we are unclear what to do about them. Bullet Journaling frees you from this restriction; You can start your diary on any day of the year and skip any number of days without risking to leave a bunch of extra pages.

4. Space for creativity

This system is often used by people who want to learn or already know how to draw. You can design your journal any way you like to imagine. You can draw or sketch, glue photos and stickers, use adhesive tapes, glitters, colors, markers, etc.

Creative journal

There are a lot of inexpensive materials for decorating journals available online and in stationery stores. All this helps to not only to make your diary visually attractive but also helps you to relax your mind and develop ingenuity.

Additionally, if your journal is beautifully crafted and designed, you will want to look at it over and over again, and you will not miss a thing.

5. Combat procrastination

Bullet journaling allows me to counter procrastination by setting daily goals. However, many people think bullet journaling is a chore and adds to the list of tasks. Some lazy journalers have switched to online apps or electronic journals to remind them of the upcoming tasks automatically.

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set goals at the beginning of the year or with things you want to get done before the year ended
Bujo Goals page

The idea to pick up a pen and write your thoughts, ideas, tasks or any other thing is to make it interesting in a way that you like. You would like to look at your previous accomplishments and goals that you could achieve. This encourages you to carry on the same momentum in the future.

Daily morning routine bullet journal layout

Writing things down also helps you to enhance your memory. Putting down things in your own words makes you process information differently and that also makes it easier to recall.

6. Extremely customizable

I can put what I want, as I want. There is no pre-defined insert, no pre-traced lines that would lock me up. You are free to create your own templates, layouts and spreads with no boundaries.

Double weekly bullet journal layout

If you like someone else’s design, you can take inspiration and incorporate it in your own journal. You can build layouts based on different themes like seasons, animals, plants, etc.

7. Reconciling work and personal life

It allows me to manage personal and professional appointments, to make several in the same day. I reduce my trips and save money!

You may want to keep separate journals or mix them up; it’s your choice. You may like to keep personal things private and not let coworkers take a peek at your personal journal. On the other hand, you might want to have everything at one place if you work part time or if you are a student.  

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Bujo professional or work weekly page layout
Bujo University exams calendar page spread

The benefits of the bullet journal method are also applied to your work journals. It can help you increase productivity, manage projects, schedule tasks, track your budget or expenses, take quick notes, create checklists, etc.

8. Disconnect

I enjoy going to the stationery store, thinking about the drawings I can make in my journal. It is a return to childhood and a call to creativity, far from the screens that are omnipresent in our lives.

Bujo doodles and drawing page
Bujo quotes page with cute doodles

9. Popularity and prevalence

That’s probably the most insignificant reason to try this system. Many people are now switching to it, which means that you can find a lot of posts on the Internet about the creation of diaries, journals, layouts and tips on how to organize and be productive.

July Bujo calendar and cover page

Such videos, photos and blog posts are very inspiring and help journalers to develop creative skills.  People share their experiences and help solve problems that are relevant for many.

While some adhere to basic BuJo recommendations, others redouble their imagination and creativity to invent new ways of working.