1. Organizing my life


2. Improve my writing


3. The BuJo community


4. Stationary lover


5. Expands my creative flair


6. New pens!


7. Keeps me thinking


8. Easy scheduling


9. Planning and tracking events


10. Practice calligraphy


11. Good hobby


12. Memory log


13. Making lists


14. Get inspiration


15. Chill out time


16. Simplify organization


17. Planning and managing my tasks


18. Everything in one place


19. More productive


20. I love notebooks


21. Mindful of future


22. Easy to track expenses


23. To try out new styles


24. Makes me research


25. Excuse to use Washi tape


26. Small digital detox


27. Pen drawings


28. Create packing lists


29. Keeps track of my goals


30. Meal planning


31. Allows me to stay motivated


32. Versatile for my own needs


33. Document my holidays


34. Can refer back to my year


35. Its customizable


36. Use up scrapbooking supplies


37. That accomplished & satisfied feeling when you check something off!


38. Out of my head onto paper


39. Makes my house look beautiful


40. Because it’s super fun!