In a bullet journal, we usually use the calendar in a future log and monthly log. Sometimes we also include the calendar in our weekly spreads. In this short article, we will talk about how to make a calendar and fit it into various types of BuJo spreads.

Calendar for your yearly planning

Perhaps the most obvious solution is simply to copy the calendar from any open source or even download and print it. But hand-decorated looks prettier.

Gorgeous yearly overview spread with cover page
2019 full year calendar page
Colorful 2020 full year calendar
Neat yearly calendar setup using brush markers
Double page bullet journal yearly calendar spread
Yearly BuJo calendar layout with an events page

In the example above, we do not fill the calendar with anything and it does not look useful. But you can mark important dates on it like birthdays, events, meetings, deadlines, etc.

2020 year at a glance with moon phases and dates to remember page
Downloadable and printable watercolor floral 2020 calendar

However, some journalers think it’s not worthwhile to calculate the calendar for the whole year in advance. It’s much more common to have a six-month plan. We can fill the space to the right of the calendar with the description of upcoming events. If your days are busy with events, it is better to give each day of the month more space.

Simple yet detailed six month calendar layout with birthday notifications
Six month calendar layout with space for events
Another half yearly calendar spread with space for events

Calendar for a month’s plan

Planning for the coming month in the bullet journal usually starts with the calendar page. It is convenient to arrange the page into small squares with numbers, where you will mark important events or, conversely, write memories.

But if you don’t want to load a page with a lot of information, you can make it minimalistic – only a small calendar and simple sketches:

A good idea to create a bullet journal calendar spread is to combine the calendar for a month with a tracker of habits or moods.

If you don’t want to use too much space to draw a calendar, just list the dates in the column.

Monthly calendar spread for January
Small monthly calendar with cover and important dates page
Stunning february calendar woodland themed layout
July calendar spread
Basic November calendar layout with reminders, goals and dates
Cute March calendar spread with goals at the bottom
Simple and adorable January calendar spread with space for notes
Gorgeous birdhouse themed May calendar spread with pretty doodles
Full page September calendar layout
Circular calendar style with space for notes, appointments and events
Beautiful collection of small calendar styles for your weekly or monthly BuJo spreads
Calendar style for August with circles used to highlight important dates
Another compact calendar variation with space for events and appointments
Wavy classic August calendar layout with different colors for events and appointments
Minimal calendar linear layout for November

Calendar for your weekly plan

Finally, some bullet journal users include the calendar in their weekly spreads. This is useful if you want to understand how much time they have until the end of the month. The current week is usually highlighted in color.

This calendar takes up very little space at the top of the page.

Weekly spread with a small calendar
January weekly with small calendar and to do list