Perhaps you have already heard or read this rather odd word without knowing what it was about. So, let’s start with a small description:

Dutch door = two-leaf door, two-part door.

You know the farm doors in the stables? We have a lower part that we leave closed and the upper part that is open. That’s what a Dutch door is.

An example of a dutch door

Do you see what it’s all about now? Good, you probably don’t see what role it has in a notebook. So, I’ll explain it in more detail.

You can not only create a “Dutch door” for your weekly spread or your monthly spread but also for your collection or project pages. The “door” can be horizontal or vertical.

Dutch door horizontal

Here, it is necessary to cut or tear the top of one of your pages! Yes, we need to cut out the pretty pages of your bullet journal!

But before cutting, it is better to plan your pages. It would be a shame to cut the wrong sheet or to cut in the wrong place. So, to create a Dutch door, you need three sheets:

  • A reverse side
  • A leaf
  • A recto

It is the middle leaf that you will cut out to serve as a door.

Cutting pages horizontally to create multiple dutch door flaps
Carefully executed dutch door on a bullet journal spread
Dutch door in a travel journal

Dutch door vertical

This time, no cutting… nothing that definitely alters your pretty notebook. Just fold your page from the middle in half in the vertical direction. Optionally, you can even cut the page vertically in a defined shape if it suits your plan. We are following the same principle as before:

  • Verso
  • A leaf
  • Front side

I am preparing one for the follow-up of this blog. So, I could write my ideas as soon as they cross my mind before I forget them… It happens a little too often! But I’m planning and I’m missing something.

While waiting to finish this page in which I plan a vertical Dutch door, here are some examples:

August daily spread with dutch door layout
Beautifully cut out dutch door spread
Simple dutch door in a cute mini bujo
June weekly spread using dutch door
Separating weekly spreads using a dutch door