Whether you are an entrepreneur and want to take your business forward, or if you are someone who is thinking about being autonomous but does not know what business to set up, or if you have nothing to do with entrepreneurship.

Okay, everything good starts with a Doodle, but what is a Doodle, you might ask. A doodle is an irregular drawing, a line that is made without paying much attention. Well, up to this point, it may seem like crap to you. And I understand that. But keep reading.

Happy new year doodle

What is Doodling for?

If you are an entrepreneur

  • It helped me find my business idea. Because my mind is more and more open, I see opportunities where maybe others see nothing.
  • I could create my design from scratch without having to be inspired by anyone.
  • It set me apart from the competition. Having your own style is fundamental to avoid repeating yourself and to be a brand that lasts through time.
  • To find my style and my way of doing things and thus differentiate myself from the rest. The doodle comes completely from your creativity, from your “unconscious” self, and that’s why it’s so authentic.
  • To find new ideas and be more creative. Exercising creativity every day a little helps me a lot to have ideas for new products, to write a post, to promote my launches, etc.
  • With perseverance, I could concentrate for longer each time and thus be more productive.
  • It helps me to be original and create my brand. This for me has been fundamental at the time of undertaking because it gives a lot of confidence.
Cupcake doodle to decorate your BuJo

On a personal level

  • To overcome my fears and my creative blockages. Those that didn’t help me grow.
  • It helps me to find a time to be with myself when things get “screwy”. Relaxing is essential if you don’t want the stress to take its toll on you.
  • With each Doodle, I gained confidence in myself. Thanks to the fact that I saw that I could draw and create, I believed more in myself.
  • To grow as a person thanks to what I was achieving in parallel to my business.
  • Ideas, judgments and fears that paralyzed me to create have ceased to have value.
  • Having a more open mind.
  • Improve my creativity and therefore also be more creative for finding solutions in my daily life (for example, when making meals for a child who cannot eat gluten, milk, egg or salt … Imagination to power!)
  • I have found an activity that amuses me very much and that I can do quickly (in only 10 or 15 minutes), so there are no excuses!
Cute food doodles to decorate your spread
Daisies doodle tutorial

And why does Doodling help?

Because it’s what I told you, it’s definition that makes it great, its imperfection. That you will do something imperfect, irregular, with a little attention, already prepares you to relax, removes pressures and all fears stop blocking you.

Christmas doodles for December spread

When you do it, you put the right hemisphere of the brain to work, which is like a muscle and should be exercised. And not only that, the left one, the one that doesn’t stop telling you “you can’t” “I don’t know how to do it” “it will go wrong” will shut up, relax and let you just concentrate on what you’re doing, which is also a lot of fun!

How to draw cute ghosts

Imagine what it meant to me to find a tool like the Doodle. Yes, you are right – before and an after. It has helped me reinvent myself and develop my passion, graphic design. I have expressed myself, beyond language, and be able to connect with my clients. Now I have a tool with which to face the challenges that life poses in my daily life.

How to draw autumn leaves

That’s why I wanted to share it so much, because it seems to me something so accessible that we should all practice it. Even the children in school, who sometimes have problems of dispersion, because they are very active and the system requires them to be seated. With my older son, I have tried it and he likes it a lot, and it has worked very well for him.

Adorable Ice cream doodles

In addition, a Drexel University study confirms that Doodling generates endorphins, which confirms everything I’ve told you about the emotional well-being I feel when I make Doodles. Whenever I can look for a little while for myself, I know it’s mental health in the long run.

Draw fish doodles in three steps

How to begin doodling?

I love to draw doodles, because when you draw it doesn’t matter the result, there’s no pressure. Just let yourself go and enjoy the ride. It helps me avoid routine and daily stress and focus and concentrate.

Step by step leaf doodle tutorial

The “no rules” of the art of doodling

In the doodling world, the rules are made by each one of us and all the drawings are fine. It’s a very simple drawing technique, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen with a fine tip and a desire to have fun. When you draw leave your mind blank and enjoy the way, no matter the result, let yourself go. Everything you do is valid. If you know how to make straight lines and curves, you can draw. We could say that it is suitable for all audiences. You can even practice it with children, who will be delighted to have made a drawing with Mom or Dad, and you will help them improve their concentration.


Another advantage of doodles is that you can do them wherever you want, you don’t have to look for the right time or the right place. It’s super comfortable. You don’t have to prepare materials or have a space in which to create. Any place is valid. On the train home from work, in the park, at home watching TV…. if you have a small notebook or notepad and a pen or marker, you can draw a picture and you’ll be helping to keep an active mind and who knows what new ideas will come. You’ll find it’s very simple and fun.

How to doodle beverages and coffee

If you know how to write, you know how to draw

To make a step-by-step doodle all you need is paper and a fine point marker. Perhaps another thicker tip marker to fill spaces.

The paper can be of any make, just ensure that it is not too rough, because it will require more effort to move the marker. It should be as smooth as possible. I have several notebooks, of different sizes, so I choose them depending on the time I have to draw. Or depending on if I want to make an elongated or landscape drawing. I usually buy them with a plain cover, so I can personalize them to my liking.

Self care spread with cute doodles

As for the fine point pen, I use the Micron brand. But to begin with, I tried one with a 0.8 tip, because that’s how I used it also to fill. But the one they usually have is 0.5. When you’ve tried, you’ll see that you want to have different thicknesses to draw and fill. I love Sharpie markers as their black ink is so intense and they can have many more uses.

Pig doodles tutorial

There are many ways to make a doodle, each of us have ours (you know that you set the rules). Here I wanted to show how you can make a drawing, so you can try to see what you feel. See if you like it, if you’re comfortable drawing, if you enjoy trying, or if you feel the opposite! This can also happen, although I doubt it.

How to draw pink things

Do you feel up to it? If you feel like it, when you finish, you can take a picture and publish it on social media. I would love it if we share and encourage each other to keep drawing.

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