The beauty of the Bullet Journal is that it is far more than a scheduler and task manager. An element that almost every Bullet Journal has are the so-called Collections.

These are pages where you collect all ideas, thoughts, key points, etc. on a specific topic. A collection is just as easy to create as any other page – open the Bullet Journal and on the next empty page, enter a page number, write the topic as a heading and off you go. If you already have entries in daily logs or monthly overviews that belong to this collection, you can migrate them as well.

Bujo summer bucket list

Some people see habit trackers as a kind of collection in the Bullet Journal because you collect and track habits on one page. For me personally, however, collections are more like pages that work independently of a particular week or month. Here, we write about things and thoughts that one can fall back on again and again. Some collections I usually create are as follows.

Bujo shopping list

Wish list

Here I write things I would like to have, for example, a specific book or select materials, etc. Therefore, you have something ready if your birthday or Christmas is coming up again. This list is also helpful if you want to do something good for yourself. Sometimes you write something in your “wish list” and then find out a few weeks/months later that you don’t want it at all or that there is something much better. 

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Bujo wish list

Gift ideas

The counterpart to the wish list is the gift list, a collection of all gift ideas for certain people. It’s clear why it’s useful, isn’t it? It’s Christmas time, and we’re all starting to think about what to give to family and friends. “Didn’t X/Y recently mention something she/he thinks is so great? Oh, what was that again? I wish I’d written that down!” 

Bujo gift list

Recipes collection

If you enjoy cooking, you can create a collection of your favorite recipes. So you always have them ready at hand and can easily pass them on to your friends. After all, you usually have your Bullet Journal with you.

Bullet journal recipe page
Bujo pancake recipe spread

Packing list

You write a list, for example, a packing list for your next vacation or everything you have to do before leaving and the next day you cannot find the list? It disappears somewhere in the apartment and a half a year later, when the vacation is long over, it reappears. That’s why I am such a big Bullet Journal fan – everything you write every day is in one central place!

Bullet journal packing list
Vacation cruise packing list

Materials overview

For all those who like to show some creativity in their Bullet Journals and use many decorations, tapes, stickers, and pens for it, it may be worthwhile to create a kind of overview for all this. For example, I stuck all my Washi tapes on a page, and now I have an exact overview of all the tapes I have in my arsenal.

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Bujo washi tape collection

This helps if you are planning a new layout and maybe want to set an accent. When glued on, you can better imagine what it might look like. You can also test all your pens or markers on one page and maybe write a sample word behind it.  You may also write the pen name and the color number. 

Bullet journal mildliner swatches

Many more ideas for collections

One can come out with many ideas to create as a collection. I have just put together a list of things I can think of that I can include in your journal as an overview or a list.

Here are some ideas for lists in your Bullet Journal:

  • Books you want to read
  • Movies/series you want to see
  • Birthdays
  • Gift ideas
  • Wish list
  • Things that are back on the To Do list every month
  • Daily To Do list
  • Ideas for Blog posts
  • Places in the world you still want to visit
  • Classic bucket list
  • Projects you plan for the future
  • New Year resolutions
  • Things you can do to improve yourself
  • Things you love/that make you happy
  • Recipes you still want to try out
  • Healthy snack alternatives
  • Dishes you like to cook and eat
  • Important addresses or telephone numbers
  • Your favorite songs
  • Your favorite movies
  • Your favorite books
  • Your favorite series
  • Quotations that you like
  • Semester overview with important dates
  • The perfect morning / evening routine
  • Bullet Journal Ideas
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BuJo books to read collection
Bullet journal movies to watch list
Bujo birthday spread
Bujo spring cleaning list
Bujo road trip travel list
Bullet journal playlist collection